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“Grooming for the good of your pet”.  We believe regular grooming is important for every pet. Our mission is to create a safe place where pets come to be groomed for their physical wellbeing, as well as put at ease mentally. Our goal at Oasis grooming is to have each pet leave our shop in a better state of mind than when they arrived.  We do not push a pet past what they can handle just so we can “get the groom done”. Each pet will “tell us” how far we can go that day. Many times, a pet will have anxiety or have had a negative experience somewhere and their memory of it is still very much there, and it doesn’t take much to trigger them into reacting. Our gentle, individualized approach to grooming, helps us to recognize the signs before the negative reaction. We are then able to stop, validate their fear and anxiety, and allow them to process and move forward at their own pace. Sometimes it may take multiple visits before we can accomplish a “Full Groom” on an individual animal. If you know your pet has had a bad experience or can be “hard to handle” for parts or all of grooming, we recommend a consultation at your first appointment to assess your pet and visit with you to come up with the best plan of action for you and your pet. We cater to Senior and/or special needs pets and will take the extra time and accommodations necessary to allow your pet the most pleasant experience we can. Groomers at Mountain View Oasis truly hold the wellbeing of your pet in the forefront and have invested in themselves to be Fear Free Certified, as well as certified in Pet CPR and First Aid to better care for each pet they groom.

 “Grooming for the good or your pet”

What does it mean? Here at Mountain View Oasis we firmly believe in our motto and everything we do to/for your pet filters through it before we move forward. This sometimes means that if the type of groom that was requested is not being tolerated by the pet being groomed, we will only proceed as far as the pet can handle for that day and still be able to leave with a pleasant experience. That also goes for Matted dogs/cats. We absolutely will not subject an animal to the pain and discomfort of being de-matted. We will try to cut matts out if they are in the various frequent problem areas: armpits, behind ears, and rear area, however if they are covering the body it will require a shave down to start over.

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As groomers we LOVE it when responsible owners maintain their pets at home, and not just because it makes our job easier! A dog or cat that is regularly brushed correctly at home will be healthier, more tolerant of being groomed in a shop setting, and will have a much more pleasant experience altogether because there will be less likelihood of being matted or tangled, as well as they will be used to the tangible aspects of grooming. If you are unsure of what tools and/or techniques to use on your pet specifically, we would love to have a consultation with you and your pet in our shop to go over a home grooming plan as well as the frequency of grooms needed for your specific breed.


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